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Power Copter

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Power Copter

Gun Knight
Mission Midwinter

By ArmorGames

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Launched April 11, 2008

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Arcade, Helicopter, Shooting, Side Scrolling

Leave a comment if you manage to beat the game. It seems few have done it before. I'm interested to see what you have to say after beating the game. If you're lagging like crazy right click and turn quality down to low.

Please enjoy. Remember that there are three levels, so if you can't beat the first one (and this game is quite difficult), you havn't gotten to the better parts of the game.

This game is made by me (David) and my neighbor. I am a seventeen year old high school senior, and James is sixteen year old junior. This is a first game for both of us (well, the first one I've attempted to entertain with). We've put a lot of time in it and would appreciate your honesty in your comments and scores. We want to know if anyone can beat it, and yes, there are only three levels (and bosses).

David Antler (Rellin)


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AWSD - Move
Space Bar- Shoot

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Power Copter

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