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Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep

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Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep

Turtle Trigger
Turbo Kids

By BPArcade

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Launched April 27, 2012

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Action, Blood, Dungeon, Isometric, Online Save, RPG

Brutal Action RPG

Fight your way deep into Dreadstorm Keep on a quest to defeat the evil dungeon lord Vulkhan.

Unlock all 12 dynamic levels in the FULL version!
Let all 24 monster types and 7 RARE monsters off the chain!
LEVEL UP and unlock brutal magical axes and items to crush them with!
Completing the quest isnt the end ~ each playthrough is DIFFERENT!

For game unlocking, loading problems or save game issues:

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Movement = WASD / ARROWS
Aim / Attack = MOUSE / LMB
Use Skill = SPACEBAR
Game Menu = TAB

Game Stats

3,348 Ratings
Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep

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