Krashs Adventure

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Bomb Diver
Pirates of the Stupid Seas
Mar 28, 2012

Ethan Krash seems to have had some trouble with his new plane during its inaugural flight. Now the parts are scattered across the land, miles away from civilization. But being a skilled adventurer, this isn't enough to discourage our hero, who rushes looking for them.

Fight your way through dangerous forests, deep dark caves, ice cold mountains and the ruins of an old, abandoned factory, searching for the parts to repair your plane and get safely back home, in this action-packed platformer that will make you feel it's 1989 again!


Left-Right : Move the player to the left and right,
Up-Down: Climb ladders up and down,
Z: Swing your club to hurt enemies and destroy crates and blocks,
X: Jump (hold to jump higher),
Enter: Pauses the game,
M: Toggles music,
S: Toggles sound.

Controls can also be customized from the main menu.

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