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Turtle Trigger

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Turtle Trigger

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Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep

By Ignatus

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Launched April 26, 2012

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Action, Blood, Cute, Online Save

Turtle Trigger is an action packed shooter with super cute looking creatues that all want you dead.
Your goal? Survive this madness for as long as possible, and most important of all, Don't Die!
Upgrade your turtle's arsenal with machine guns, rocket launchers, and jet packs to increase your odds of survival.

Compete for highscores to be the best of the turtles!

And tons of achievements to take on!


A,W,D or Arrow Keys to Move & Jump
Mouse to Aim & Shoot
R to Reload
1,2,3,4 to Switch between weapons
Spacebar to use the Jet pack

P to Pause
M to Mute

Game Stats

5,552 Ratings
Turtle Trigger

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