Enigmata Stellar War

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Jul 2, 2012

Build up a base to save the Enigmata galaxy from the insidious Villalobos!


Create units to defend the base with the mouse.

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  • Bosses Thumbnail
    Dark Enforcer. Switches between dual piercing rounds, spewing orbs and spraying standard rounds...
  • Units
    Note: Damage of units are spread over their rounds. Upgrade a unit to research further.
  • ZAC Assimilator Thumbnail
    ZAC Assimilator
    ZAC Assimilator is a unit which spawns ZAC fighters, the only player-allied fighter which fires...
  • Telsa
    A semi-rare unit that shoots out beams of electricity and has the ability to stun units. Its...

Popular Articles

  • Grand Blaster
    The Grand Blaster is a mid to long range support unit that cannot attack at close range. Because...
  • Aegis Barrier Thumbnail
    Aegis Barrier
    The Aegis Barrier is a unit in Enigmata Stellar War. Its main use is to provide cover for allied...
  • Tech Center
    The Tech Center is a vital building that is required to use any of the advanced units. If...
  • Assassin
    Extremely high range unit with no close-range firepower. Similar to the Grand Blaster in its...
  • Vira Healer
    The Vira Healer is a unit in Enigmata Stellar Wars. Its main use is to heal other allied units...
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