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Feb 3, 2013


A Shinobi has been framed for the death of his master. After imprisonment for seven years, he is given one last chance to fight for his freedom. Will Sinjid survive the trail and find his master's true killer? Or will he perish?

From the creators of Sonny and Colony comes a brand new adventure!

  • Play as 3 different classes!
  • Action packed RPG adventure!
  • Over 300 items and equipment!
  • Nine epic zones to explore!
  • Nine epic bosses to defeat!

Having problems running the game? Try the following:

  1. Turn Ad-blocks off. It can interfere with the loading!
  2. Make sure your Flash Player is version 11+
  3. Close any other tabs that have YouTube/Flash content!


WASD / Arrow Keys: Move and jump.
Spacebar: Interact, talk and loot.
Shift: Hold to around.
Hotkeys (1, 2, 3, etc): Use attacks and spells.
P: Pause the game.

  • Pro Tip: You can crouch to block attacks.
  • Pro Tip: Enjoy the game in fullscreen! Turn it on in the options.
  • Pro Tip: You can also use the mouse to attack and interact.
  • Pro Tip: Hotkeys can be changed in-game using the gear icon next to the ability panel.
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Sinjid is a series of role-playing action-adventure flash games created by Krin and published through Armor Games. It revolves around a character of the same name. There are three games in the Sinjid series up to now: Sinjid Battle Arena, Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior and Sinjid. Although they are not technically sequels and posess conflicting plots, each of them have some elements in common with each other, like the main character, which is Sinjid himself, a battle system with equipment, equipment upgrades, level system, skill system, and more. All of them thematically, and in the case of "Sinjid" explicitly, take place in a version of Feudal Japan where magic and monsters exist.

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