Crush the Castle Adventures

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Jul 16, 2013

In his quest to woo Lady Catapult, the King has to prove how strong he really is. Help him prove his strength by travelling across many strange lands and crushing hundreds of castles with large, oversized siege weapons.

Crush the Castle Adventures is a physics based puzzle game focused on destroying crazy looking castles with massive, rock throwing siege weapons. Follow along with a goofball King and witness how far a King will go to get his Queen.

Key Features
• Hundreds of crazy looking castles to crush (with more coming soon).
• Powerful siege weapons that will throw almost anything.
• Awesomely destructive projectiles to throw.
• Regular content updates with new stories to follow and new castles to crush.
• Call for Reinforcements and completely obliterate those pesky castles in your way.
• Quests, cloud saves, highscores and more when you login with your Armor Games account.
• Coming Soon: Custom Castle builder and Castle Sharing among your friends.

What's New
(Right click in game to get version number)
Version 1.4.2
Launched Fire Fields with ALL NEW LEVELS!
Finish off these rock people and their loud music once and for all!
Version 1.3.1
Launched Howling Hollows with ALL NEW LEVELS! Yay!
The party continues and it's your job to stop all the racket.
The King is not happy unless all castles are crushed.
Added ability to pan to other islands without the boat.
Version 1.2.36
Launched Bubbling Burrows with ALL NEW LEVELS!
The rock people are throwing a party and it's causing a ruckus. Can you stop the party before the rock people split the world in half?
Added ability to disable drawn projectile path.
Bug fixes.

System Requirements
This game uses the latest technologies in Flash Player 11.4 so make sure you're running the latest. You can download the latest Flash Player HERE.

This game also uses hardware acceleration and utilizes your GPU to render graphics much faster. If you are having troubles with your game running slowly, make sure your GPU drivers are all up to date. If you're still having troubles, check the list of Flash Player compatible GPUs HERE and make sure your GPU is supported.

Chrome users may experience some lag issues. If you're experiencing some lag, try to lower the quality of the game and/or turn off some effects. This may help for some users.


Use mouse to fire and aim your siege weapon.
Press Space to change the camera perspective.
Press P to pause the level.
Press R to retry a level.

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