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Star Squadrons

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Star Squadrons

Raft Wars 2
This Is The Only Level 4

By OlegAntipov

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Launched March 18, 2013

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RTS, Space

This is a space real-time strategy game that combines epic space battles and development on planets. You take on the role of a young commander Aldrin, who joined the Resistance and struggling against the oppressive Empire for freedom and independence of planetary systems.


Select units:
Click left mouse button on a unit
Hold left mouse button and drag over the screen to select multiple units.
Move units: Click left mouse button to any place to move selected units. Deselect units:
Click 'Deselect' button Select with a frame on empty space Press [space] key.
Destroy selected units: Press [Ctrl] + [X]\
Select specific type of units:
Select with a frame and hold follow keys to select specific unit types: [Z] - assaulter, [X] - troops, [C] - defence, [V] - service (you can combine them).

Add to a group: Select with a frame and hold [Shift] key
Remove from a group: Select with a frame and hold [Ctrl] key
Open the planet's panel:
Deselect all units then Double-click on the planet Click on the planet and then click 'open' button Click on the planet and press [space] key Camera movement: Press WASD or arrow keys Move mouse out of the game screen Click on the minimap

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Star Squadrons

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