On the Flat Field of a Dream

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Zombie Wrangle
Freedom Tower - The Invasion
May 22, 2013

No matter where, no matter when, there was a boy.
He loved animals and to care for them. He always was beyond the clouds in his dreams.
But once he opened up a Castaneda's book, he understood that there is no limit for a dream if you can control it. Hundreds of days were gone before boy learned at last how to understand he's in a dream. It took a lot of time, but what is time, when you can solve your problems in a dream?
'It definitely worth it, - thought boy, - now i can do whatever I want even when i'm asleep!"

Happiness knew no bounds. Now boy was absolutely free at least at his dreams.
But it didn't last long.


W, A, S, D or Arrow keys - move
Space - transformation
Q, E - choose creature
R - restart level
M - mute sounds

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