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The Bravest Hunter

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The Bravest Hunter

The Gentleman
Crush the Castle Adventures

By indocg

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Launched July 16, 2013

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Achievement, Action, Boy, Girl, Online Save, RPG, Turn Based

The Bravest Hunter is an action-brawler, turn-based RPG. Adventure through dozens of randomized dungeons to defeat the almighty scarecrow!

Game Features:
- 100 armorset ++
- customized avatar
- 36 ally hunter available for hire
- more than 50 mission to beat
- beautifully animation movement
- Epic Music

Battle System
Click your character portrait to cast combo or type Q,W,E shortcut . Each combo cost AP , once your AP reach zero , your turn will be over.

General Info
You must clear the area and beat the boss to claim your loot and mission reward. If you loose or cancel mission, you loose your loot but you still keep xp gain.


Explained in-game

Game Stats

3,891 Ratings
The Bravest Hunter

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