GemCraft Chasing Shadows

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Apr 4, 2014

The path of GemCraft continues, bigger and meaner than ever...

GemCraft is a unique tower defense game, where, instead of towers, gems are your main weapons to fight the endless hordes of monsters coming for you.

Place your gems in either towers, traps, or amplifiers, replace and switch them as you want, combine them to create more powerful gems with various abilities, drop them as gem bombs or activate powerful buildings, the possibilities are endless, the choice is yours!

Fight your way through an epic storyline, unfolding mysteries and facing sinister enemies and artifacts, as you try to entrap the Forgotten, an archdemon with an unknown agenda and no known way to kill, and to slay down her demonic avatars, the shadows. Fierce and desperate battles await you...

GAME FEATURES (some available after purchasing the Magician's Pouch):

More than 140 stages to explore!
-25 passive skills you can spend skill points on; every time you level up, you get more skill points to spend, but even unspent points help you by giving mana at the start ot battles!
-More than 400 achievements that give you additional skill points, and a real challenge if you want to get them all!
-9 gem types you can freely combine to make gems that suit your tactical needs.
-9 battle traits with 7 levels of toughness each, and 3 battle difficulty tiers - mix them and stack them to fight tough battles for more XP and epic loot!
-Find talisman fragments you can socket into your talisman for a wide variety of battle bonuses.
-3 strike spells and 3 gem enhancement spells to aid you in battle - you will need them...
-Stop the battle any time or speed it up to 9x speed, play the way you like; manage your gems if you have to, or fast forward if you feel confident.
-Summon more monsters by dropping your gems on wave stones, you can have as many as you can fight, but beware, summoning more will make them more powerful as well, be too bold and the battle will be lost in no time...
-Go back to any previously completed stage and fight again to get more XP, level up to get even more powerful, to be able to get even more XP...
-After winning a battle, you can continue in Endurance mode - defend yourself and hold on as long as you can with a chance for additional XP and loot!


Click on a gem type button and an inventory row to create a gem
Click and drag gems into buildings or inventory slots
Drag a gem to your mana pool to salvage mana
Click on an empty building to instantly socket the first gem from your inventory
Right-click or shift-click a gem and drag to change its target priority
Hold shift to place multiple buildings or drop mutliple gem bombs
Alt-click ignores gems and forces selecting enemy unit
B - Gem bomb
T - Build tower
A - Build amplifier
W - Build wall
G - Combine gems
Q - Switch speed
Space - Pause speed
N - Start next wave instantly
X - Salvage mana from highlighted gem
D - Duplicate highlighted gem
U - Upgrade highlighted gem (combine with itself)
Tab - Drop highlighted gem to inventory
Dot - Show/hide infopanels
P or Esc - Options

1-3 - Strike spells
4-6 - Gem enhancement spells
Numpad1-9 - Gem types

May 18, 2015

Change log for GemCraft Chasing Shadows v. 1.1.13 - 2015.V.18.:
  • Spawning lots of beacons should give much less lag
  • Shadows don't destroy nearby walls on death anymore
  • Traps and Amplifiers skills are uncapped
  • Spires can't move while the GUI is being locked by the Forgotten (earlier only specters and apparitions were affected)
  • Calculating total skill points fixed again
  • Fixed: shrines activated just before ending a battle had their performance info text stuck on the screen
The Steam version is updated to v.1.0.3 as well, with +2 version specific fixes (see there!)

May 7, 2015

Change log for GemCraft Chasing Shadows v. 1.1.12 - 2015.V.7.:
  • Hopefully fixed an error involving towers shooting at wizlocks
  • Fixed skill panel infobox not counting vision and achievement reset skill points to the total value
  • Vision fields should now always give the same wave composition (setting traits for normal fields caused random waves for visions too)- sorry for all the frustration!
The Steam version is updated to v.1.0.2 as well, with even more changes (see there!)

April 30, 2015

The Steam version is finally released! :-) Steam version highlights:
  • Even more and even larger fields to explore and conquer
  • Achievements can be unlocked as Steam achievements
  • Improved graphics, full screen support
  • Saved games and preferences are stored in the Steam Cloud
  • Test your true skills in the Iron Wizard mode!
A huge thanks to all of you who voted on Greenlight and supported us throughout this long journey!

Also, v.1.1.10 of the AG version is uploaded, recent changes:
  • Refined story illustrations
  • Some tutorial fixes
  • Added link to the Steam version
  • Pressing the 9x speed button says properly now it switches back to 3x, not 1x
  • The 'achievement unlocked' sound should be skipped less now
  • Fixed white edges at the Forgotten's journey note entry
  • Setting weather opacity to minimum disables weather and its effects
  • Fixed: pressing dot over a wave stone didn't make the infobox disappear
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