Sky Riders

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May 15, 2015


Rocket through the skies for fame and cash in this multiplayer platform-racing game. Collect gear, level up, and customize your ride style to rise up through the ranks of the league. Become a team manager and use your earnings to hire real players to ride for you.


Jump: Left Click
Dive: Right Click
Tools: Middle Click
Fullscreen Toggle: ~
Drop Through Platforms: Right Click (hold) + Left Click

Keyboard controls: W/E/Q or Up/Down/CTRL
(key controls can be customized in the options menu)

June 26, 2015

Patch 1.037 Major Changes:
  • Improved track generator to provide more consistent track lengths.
  • Fixed a bug where you could talk to NPCs while waiting for a race to start and they would stay on screen permanently.
  • Match-making now gives more priority to older asynchronous races, making it more likely you'll end up in races with more players rather than races that other riders have recently run solo.
Minor Changes:
  • Minor update to tutorial track so it's harder to fall off during the boosting segment.
  • Various CPU optimizations in physics and collision detection code.
Note: This update is small since more work is starting to go into features that take more time to develop, like new gameplay mechanics, rather than immediate bug fixes.

June 11, 2015

Patch 1.034 Major Changes:
  • Improved anti-cheat code and fixed a bug that was allowing obviously invalid finish times through, regardless of whether they are from hacking or server hickups.
  • The League panel can now support showing every team that's hiring you if there are more than 10.
  • Fixed two crashes that could occur if the rendering context was lost in the basecamp.
  • Further match-making improvements to try and get people into races with more opponents more regularly (but it will still be pretty quiet until game leaves beta).
Minor Changes:
  • Fixed a bug where the daily income from being hired in the league could display as a ridiculously huge number.
  • Attempted a fix for some fonts not showing up correctly on some systems.
  • Improved error logging to help track down future issues more quickly.

June 4, 2015

Patch 1.031 Major Changes:
  • The main quest listing now shows when NPCs have quests available.
  • Prevented the Daily League Mutator from being the same on consecutive days.
  • Match-making more biased towards races with many recorded riders over rooms with few live riders.
  • Fixed an issue causing the server to fail to load all the opponents when attempting league races.
Minor Changes:
  • Menu added for when you try to add too many riders to your team.
  • Improved the wording of the message that explains that you lack a permit for the grade of gear you have equipped.
  • Various backend and frontend errors fixed that did not directly interfere with gameplay.
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