Nether Runner

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Crystallium Wars TD
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Jun 19, 2014

It's doomsday and it's all your fault! Save mankind (and your really angry girlfriend) from a Horde of supernatural creatures with the help of an Evil Book, a Tiny God and an arsenal of spells of mass destruction.

Nether Runner is a game inspired from the fictional world of H.P. Lovecraft that mixes Runner and Shooter elements.

- Run Fly and Jump into Danger
- Kill tons of enemies
- Dodge lots of bullets and lasers
- 5 different Spells to help you in your journey
- 4 Weaponomicons: extra weapons of mass destruction
- 2 mid-bosses with their own environments
- A screen filling Epic Final Boss!
- 33 Missions
- 10 Achievements
- Lots of upgrades with the Unholy Shop
- Story Mode and Endless Mode
- An amazing and magical OST
- Lots of hand drawn animations


Explained in-game

Control Scheme A
Arrows – Fly/Jump
Z – Shoot
F – toggles Autofire
X – Cast Spell
Space Bar + Arrows – Combo

Control Scheme B
WASD – Fly/Jump
J – Shoot
F – toggles Autofire
K – Cast Spell
L + WASD – Combo

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