Caribbean Admiral 2

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Oct 24, 2014


Have you missed the sea adventures? Then quickly jump on board, because 12 towns and tons of fun await you! Investigations, trade relations, town sieges and a special, secret Viking’s weapon!

Follow any of the three branches of development – trade masters Europeans, the tenacious Chinese or the strong Vikings. Improve your ships and use cunning abilities to become a winner even from a losing situation.

Six unique ships mercenaries, each with their own special attack will help you to understand the secrets of the Caribbean. Are you ready? Then – hoist the sails!

UPDATE v1.15
We have prepared an update for you. In the end of the story a battle with a very special monster awaits for you! However, to fight with the Witnesses of Poseidon’s Wrath you should complete the main game story!
The quest will be available for premium players only!
CA2_Boss_1.pngUPDATE v1.18
Update again! This time you are to find out what secret weapon the Vikings built again and how they happened to lose it! You will have to think of some ways to beat astute inventions!
The quest will be available for premium players only!
CA2_Boss_2.pngUPDATE v1.21
New enemies, more fun!

Good Luck!


Use the mouse cursor to set your course on the free-roam map. Use the mouse during battles to operate the cannons and perform various attacks.

Do not forget to set the ships’ special perks that will give you the ability to use special attacks!

April 14, 2015

v1.22 fixes a small issue with text in a premium mission.
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