Clicker Heroes

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Sep 22, 2014

Kill monsters, collect gold, upgrade heroes, use skills, find treasure, kill bosses, and explore new worlds in this epic adventure!

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Click on the monsters.

Legend of Large Numbers
1K = 1,000 = One Thousand
1M = 1,000K = One Million
1B = 1,000M = One Billion
1T = 1,000B = One Trillion
1q = 1,000T = One Quadrillion
1Q = 1,000q = One Quintillion
1s = 1,000Q = One Sextillion
1S = 1,000s = One Septillion
1O = 1,000S = One Octillion
1N = 1,000O = One Nonillion
1d = 1,000N = One Decillion
1U = 1,000d = One Undecillion
1D = 1,000U = One Duodecillion
1! = 1,000D = One Tredecillion
1@ = 1,000! = One Quattuordecillion
1# = 1,000@ = One Quindecillion
1$ = 1,000# = One Sexdecillion
1% = 1,000$ = One Septendecillion
1^ = 1,000% = One Octodecillion
1& = 1,000^ = One Novemdecillion
1* = 1,000& = One Vigintillion
A lot > 1,000* < A lot

September 1, 2016

Hey Heroes, The technology is here! We have made offline progression even better. Now you can idle like you mean it! 1.0e2 Patch Notes - Offline Progression: When offline, you now advance in zones until your heroes reach a boss they can't beat. - Timelapse now advances in zones as well. - Various bugfixes. Enjoy!

June 10, 2016

Greetings, Heroes! We've finally hit the 1.0 mark! Introducing Transcendence, a whole new way to play Clicker Heroes. Get ready to unlock ridiculous power, and bigger numbers than ever! We've also made a ton of quality of life changes, bug fixes, and a lot more improvements. Check out the in-game patch notes and forums for details. Thanks for your continued support, and keep on clicking!

March 30, 2016

Hey Heroes, We got another mini patch today for you with a few bug fixes and quality of life changes. We're close to having our big Transcendence update ready, so please look forward to it! 0.26b Patch Notes - If there are three or more gilded hero gifts pending, players can now open them all at once. - Added a 'News' button to view patch notes from the options menu. - Fixes an issue where the scroll bar could become difficult to use on the ancients panel. - Various bugfixes.

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