Mercurial Story

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Nov 21, 2014

Mercurial Story speak about a moody guy and his eternal fight between Anger and Happiness.
Play through 18 levels in this Puzzle - Platform Game with a strange Gravity!

While he is Happy the moody guy can double jump and the gravity faces down, instead when he is Angry the gravity faces up and he is unable to double jump.

Try to complete all the levels and get all the 18 Pills.
Sometimes they seems to be unreachable, but I swear you can get all of them... just think first how to reach them! :)

This Platform game reminds the great gameplay of Super Mario and add a twist with the switchable gravity!
In the last 4 levels you will see a brand new mechanics ( Puzzle-like ) with pushable blocks!

Stay Mercurial!


- Arrow Keys to move, "X" to jump.
- "R" to restart a level.
- "P" to pause.
- "M" to mute/unmute.
- "ESC" to main menu.

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