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Dec 14, 2014


The gold fever is back, with some shovels and weird machines, the Mustachios are trying to dig through the earth to find as much gold as they can! Help them to achieve it!


Mouse only

September 14, 2015

-Fixed tutorial always shown -Fixed take all button doesn't show up -Destroy grounds until the damage is depleted, so you can destroy more than 1 ground if your damage is high

September 11, 2015

* Changed the Enhanced Mechanism, now player can enhance using more than 3 material cards * Platinum Chest now have higher chance to get S level card * Many tweaks

December 18, 2014

V1.10: * Added "Take-All" Button to store all found items * Active skill is now cooling down even in offline * More accurately calculate the offline gold

Recent Edits

  • Artifacts
    Artifacts are obtained by opening chests. Up to four artifacts may be equipped at a time...
  • Diamond
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diamonds are a...

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    When you reach 100K depth you have the option to start a new game. You keep: artifacts...
  • Dragon Balls
    Grade Level% B 1 8.5 B 2 B 3 8.9
  • Tanker Bell
    Grade Level% B 1 10.00 B 2 10.15 B 3 10.30 B 4 10.45 B 5 10.60
  • Mustachios
    Mustachios start with a cost to unlock them, and an initial cost to build them. They provide...
  • Skills
    In Must-a-Mine each unit type has 5 skill upgrades. The 5 skills become available as you upgrade...
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