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Jul 3, 2015


Welcome to CASHVILLE! Start with simple jobs, gaining experience and knowledge to advance.
While idling, increase your funds over time by making investments and taking advantage of the stock exchange. Build your own office with staff made of real players to maximize work profits. Finally, compete with your friends, buying sports cars, houses, yachts or even a private jet!
But remember – limited energy and lifetime (like in real life) makes that only a few can became millionaires!
Are you one of them?


After you find your first job just CLICK the green work button or press SPACEBAR to make money!
TO HIRE EMPLYOEES invite your ArmorGames friends to the game by friending them on their Armor Games profile. Each player that has you as a friend and has joined the game will be listed in your office.

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August 29, 2015

After a while we are back! We have fixed some issues (wrong order in ranking, connection errors etc); added some features ("all" checkbox and selected period in stock view are now saved) and made some changes (cash and shares are now inharited when reseting career, shares buy price penalty is now much lower). We read all your comments so post your opinions, ideas, bug reports. PS. We have started working on new game for you! It is based on Money Makers (about 30%) and your ideas! Cheers!
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