Void Vikings

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Jun 26, 2015

Void Vikings is an action packed 2.5D top down space shooter. Pilot three different ships with special maneuvers and each with their own fantastic abilities to destroy your enemies. Pillage loot they leave behind to outfit your ship becoming even more powerful. Warp from system to system to take on larger and stronger waves of enemies. Death is the end but the glory from your battle will carry on.

• 2.5D, top down, fast paced, action packed space shooter.
• Endless procedurally generated enemy systems and fleets.
• Three unique ships with their own special abilities to unlock and upgrade.
• Pillage randomly generated loot to increase your fighting power.
• No extra lives or second chances.


Controls can be rebound in game.

Movement: WASD
Aiming: Mouse

Primary Weapon - Left Mouse Button
Secondary Weapon - Right Mouse Button
Warp - E
Offensive Skill - Spacebar
Defensive Skill - Q

Full screen - Enter

February 4, 2016

Version 1.1.0 released! The new Surt ship has been added; destroy enemies with fire. We’ve also added a skybox system so space looks beautiful.
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