Idle Sword

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War Heroes: France 1944
Jan 5, 2016

Action packed Idle Game. Explore procedural dungeons, find new teammates and defeat Mr. Big Stache. Unlock the New Game+ and discover new features!
This game uses the Public domain roguelike tileset “RLTiles”. (


Use mouse to interact
Press shift + click to quick sell items
Press spacebar to open the inventory
Press & hold control key to hide the UI

January 14, 2016

Import/export save feature Phoenix Ring [Land of the Dead - uncommon] - Resurrects the wearer if you have Resurrection books Bosses and champions have a 1% chance of dropping an Invitation Ticket Heroes are less reckless now Increased item damage and health scaling per reset Rebalance changes (attack speed and life steal nerfs) Press shift+click to change your autosell level by 10 Bigger item description for items with lots of stats Fixed: Getting multiple stacks of the same item Fixed: Bosses being also champions Fixed: Flash player 11 users can now play Fixed: High level bosses having negative health
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