A Gun, in Time!

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Crest Breakout 2
Super Battle City 2
Jan 15, 2016


What happens when a viking finds a gun sent from the future, just before his enemies manage to finish him off?

A Gun, in Time! puts a gun in the hands of a viking and lets him wreak havoc on his enemies. Shoot your way through endless waves of enemies, earn and use perks to level up and pick up power-ups to destroy your foes!
Every play through is unique with random perk options and random power-up drops.
Use everything you can to score high and become Odin's Champion on the leaderboards!


WASD or Arrow keys to move.
Mouse to aim, left-click to shoot.
Escape to pause.

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January 16, 2016

Update changes to help with controls: - Arrow keys can now be used for movement. - Ctrl is now an alternative for reload.
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