There is no game

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Mar 24, 2016

! Doesn't work properly on Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari !
! If you have a black screen, try to switch off Adblock or to accept the plugin permission from your browser !
WINNER of the DeceptionJam.
There is no game. There is nothing to do.

This non-game has not been reviewed on Youtube by the non-game narrator himself!
*Sorry for my weird foreign accent* :)
*I'm french, not russian!*

Not made by KaMiZoTo.

*06/29/15 : some bugs fixed / better object drag&drop system / Screen cleaned after breakOut victory**
*06/30/15 : added jokes and hints for the ladder part / fix for the trophy that seems to not appear sometimes *
*07/02/15 : added french subtitles and a language selection menu*


Do not click or tap anywhere. Really. DO NOT CLICK OR TAP ANYWHERE.
Do not laugh as there is nothing to laugh about.

Don't try to use your computer mouse.
Don't try to touch your mobile screen.

It's at your own risk!!

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