String Heroes

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Nov 27, 2016

Welcome to the String theater,
this time we'll be telling a story about you, the strongest hero!

Journey and gather your team from peaceful meadow, forgotten swamp, to the Chain island!
Defeat and claim region to provide you with precious resources!
Use the claimed resources to train and maximize the potential of your heroes!
Sure good to be the strongest hero!

Enjoy the String theater show by Goody Gameworks!


Main objectives is to complete all the area.
Claim each region by defeating enemies that guarding it.
Region claimed will honour you by contributing resources.
Use this resources to upgrade your economy or battle capability.
Gold coin are used for upgrading performances.
Meat, Leaf, and sword are used for training heroes.

Left mouse click.

November 29, 2016

-Fix invader bug that stop player to progressing further. -Fix bug that cause the battle to stuck. -Added warning circle to invaded city to avoid confusion. -Change Dread Thorn's skill.
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