The Labyrinth

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Jun 21, 2017


Note: The game runs at 1024x768, if you have a display window smaller than these dimensions the game will cut off. If your display window is exactly 1024x768 you'll have to play in fullscreen mode to see the entire game

The Labyrinth is a text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. You take control of a party of four adventurers as they attempt to go into a cursed dungeon that has endlessly sent hoards of monsters to terrorize the surface world.

With 16 playable classes and 25+ enemy classes, each with their own 9 unique spells and countless combinations of items, every run is sure to bring something different than the last. The game also has a seeded randomness feature, so you can play the same run multiple times or play with friends using the same seed.


The mouse can control every aspect of the game.

F11 toggles fullscreen

When in combat the keyboard can be used to issue commands:

- When an action is not prepared, numbers 1-8 select the corresponding entity (up-down, left-right in that order), "A" prepares an attack, "Q,W,E,R" prepares the corresponding spell (left-right, up-down in that order), and "S" skips the turn.

- When preparing an attack/spell, numbers 1-8 selects the corresponding target (up-down, left-right in that order) and "C" cancels.

- At any time left+right can be used to flip through the combat log, and up-down can be used to flip through the statistics/buffs/debuffs screens.

July 1, 2017

Patch 0.4 Bugfixes:
  • Fixed the ability to "steal" Attribute Points on the Spell List if you click to unlock/upgrade a spell and then change entities and then confirm the unlock/upgrade
  • Fixed being able to target any enemy with an attack/spell regardless if they aren't normally supposed to be targeted (untargetable/dead enemies for instance)
  • Fixed the Statistics screen in combat displaying a large positive number if that entity had negative bonus armor (it's only cosmetic, the entity actually had negative armor it's just the number didn't display properly)
  • Fixed the issue where spell upgrades wouldn't update their descriptions properly when moused over
  • Fixed many Rare Treasure Room issues
  • The Gambling Room reward text doesn't dissapear when you mouse out of the gamble button
  • Fixed the Lifebreaker starting combat dead if he had Lifebreak's second upgrade
  • Fixed the Assassin's Quell the Weak first upgrade interacting improperly with its second upgrade
  • Fixed the issues with the Duelist's Titan Takedown upgrade descriptions
  • Added a glow behind the entity currently taking their turn in combat
  • Items show a red tint if you can't equip them due to a two-handed restriction (for instance, if you have a two-handed weapon equipped, all offhands will be red; the same applies for two-handed weapons if you have an offhand equipped)
  • The Templar's Smite damage cap is now 20% of the Target's Maximum Health as opposed to a flat 200
  • The Arcane Mage's Fireball now deals 100% initial damage (nerf, can upgrade to 120%) but deals 65% damage to adjacent targets. It also no longer Burns (DoT + Expose) and instead only Shreds each hit by 25 for 3 turns (this can be upgraded to 35)
  • The Arcane Mage's Freeze no longer Disarms (the Damage and the Slow are staying the same) and the second upgrade no longer increases the debuff duration but now Shatters the target, converting all Damage they take into Divine Damage
  • The Arcane Mage's Shock now deals 100% initial damage (nerf) and the spell now has a chance to stun every Enemy instead of just the target (the chance to stun has been reduced to 25%). The second upgrade has been buffed to deal 50% damage to stunned enemies
  • Removed the Marauder's Pilfer. Gold Steal is not very good but I still wanted a Gold-featured spell. The spell is now Mercenary and it makes the Marauder deal bonus Damage equal to 5% of your Gold on Attack (capped at 10% of the Target's Max Health). You can upgrade this spell to make the Gold Multiplier 7.5%, and you can increase the Damage Cap to 15%
  • Changed the Bandit's Pillage damage cap. Instead of a flat 200 cap it's now capped at 20% of the Target's Maximum Health
  • Removed the damage cap on the Blood Mage's Infusion. Instead of a damage cap the damage is half effective against Bosses
  • As a result of the damage cap removal on Infusion, the second upgrade now Regenerates 35% of the Blood Mage's Health over 3 turns if he goes below 25% Health on Cast
  • The Blood Mage's Bleed Out Health Multiplier Damage decreased to 1.5 from 3.5 (2 initial + 1.5 upgrade)
  • The Blood Mage's Bleed Out second upgrade no longer increases the Health Multiplier but instead Cleanses the Blood Mage of all negative Status Effects except Blood Boil
  • Every Arcane Mage spell (except Absorption) now costs 35% Mana (35 minimum) from costing 65 flat Mana
  • The Arcane Mage's Equilibrium passive second upgrade no longer makes him regenerate Maximum Mana but instead grants an immediate +5% Mana Regen
  • The Brewer's Drink Up (Damage Dealt and Resistance Buff) got nerfed as the buff it gave was really powerful. It still gives base Damage Reduction, but it no longer also gives Damage Dealt initially. Instead of the second upgrade increasing the duration it unlocks the Damage Dealt portion at half effectiveness (so it gives 25% Damage Dealt at max rank)
  • The Jester's Uncertainty Damage decreased to 65% from 85%
In the works:
  • Add silence/disarm icons in combat so you can more easily tell if an entity is silenced/disarmed
  • Change the shop so its items are more tailored to your party classes and not so random
  • Allow the option to restrict the Blacksmith room to create an item of a certain level
  • Change the character selection UI to not be as confusing
  • Overhaul my Status Effect code so it's more efficient and not as glitchy
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