Dead Maze

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Feb 7, 2018


Dead Maze is a 2D MMO game set in a destroyed contemporary world, filled with zombies. Explore the world, scavenge and craft as many items as possible, to survive the hostile environment and upgrade your gear and camp as you go.


Arrow keys (or WASD) to move around, mouse to pick up objects and fight, space for sprinting/dashing (explained in-game)

Recent Edits

  • Electric guitar
    An electric guitar is a weapon with average damage and speed with a 50% chance to inflict...
  • Renown Thumbnail
    The renown (or friendship) system is a type of quest that can be done for specific NPCs once a...
  • Electrician Thumbnail
    The Electrician infected inflicts electric damage and stun status. Often found in construction...
  • Ice machine
    An ice machine is a weapon with average damage and speed. It's main use is to apply a moderate...
  • Clothing Thumbnail
    Clothing can use to design your character, and also offer various benefits when worn (unlike...

Popular Articles

  • Henry Collins
    Henry Collins Attributes Sex Male Henry Collins used to be an accountant before the disaster...
  • RATS
    RATS is a sports team referenced in Dead Maze, specifically some clothing and Mazon College.
  • Player Thumbnail
    The player is virtual representation of the person playing the game. They can be customized...
  • Highway 99, South Fallon 6B exit Thumbnail
    Highway 99, South Fallon 6B exit
    Highway 99, South Fallon 6B exit is one of the harder zones due to the large groups of infecteds...
  • Emote
    Emotes, or animations/ poses, are animations you can have your character do when not in combat...
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