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Battle Fish

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Battle Fish

Inquisitive Dave
Urban Sniper

By Eggy

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Launched July 17, 2008

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Animal, Fighting, Fishing

"Legends tell of an invading fish named piggles who striked down the enemy with his ion cannon..." ~~Folklore 65, 34~~

Click down the bottom to make bubbles to heal your fish, Click up the top to make spikes to kill the enemy. Click and hold to make them bigger to make them more effective.

Killing enemies gives you cash which you can spend on upgrades such as ...shotguns...and ion cannons for your cute little fish called piggles or any other name you decide.

Game starts out a little slow, but get into it and it gets a lot harder.

Right click for quality if its a little slow.


Click Mouse

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3,180 Ratings
Battle Fish

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