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Ultimate Defense 2

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Ultimate Defense 2

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Momentum Missile Mayhem 3

By likwid

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Launched August 26, 2008

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Army, Defense, Dragon, Magic, Medieval, Ninja, RPG, Tower Defense

This game succeeds the Tower Defense/RPG game "Ultimate Defense".

The sequel is bigger, has more levels, new characters, new enemies, more spells, new features and mini-games!


Purchase defenders and spells to attack incoming creeps.

When enemy invaders reach the end of the map you lose 10 health points

Defenders will gain experience points, when enough exp is gained defenders will level up.

Hold the spacebar and move the mouse to scroll the map.

Dig for treasure and potions with the shovel item. Find treasures to try your luck with the "Ultimate Slots" machine at the end of each level!

Game Stats

3,873 Ratings
Ultimate Defense 2

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