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Meat Boy

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Meat Boy

Sift Heads 4

By Edmund

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Launched October 06, 2008

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Blood, Boy, Level Editor, Old School, Pixel, Very Hard

Meat Boy.

Send your custom levels to Souldescen@aol.com. Be sure to add your name and level title so it can be included in a future map pack release!

Facts about the game:

-Meat boy is Hard!
-You can skip levels by pressing esc and exiting to the level menu.
-Unlock extra characters by collecting band aids.
-You only need to beat 3 of every 5 levels to advance to the next series of levels.

All the rest of the info is in game.

That is all.

-Team Mic (Jon & Edmund)


Its highly recommended that meat boy is played with the Xbox 360 controller using FlashJoystick.
To install FlashJoystick visit
http://flashjoystick.pill owfortgames.com/
To install mapping for this game you'll need this file.
http://flashjoystick.pill owfortgames.com/mappingfi les/meatboy.fstick
once FlashJoystick is installed, if you just hit open instead of save for the .fstick file, it'll auto load into FlashJoystick and you'll be able to play.

Special thanks to Tommy for FlashJoystick!


Arrows = move
Space = Jump

Game Stats

3,272 Ratings
Meat Boy

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