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The Mastermind Game

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The Mastermind Game

Mastermind World Conqueror
the key

By TheSwain

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Launched October 09, 2008

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Logic, Quick

Two things with the same name always go better together, no matter how irrelevant. So enjoy the bitter cynicism of your favorite evil genius, but within the old board game "Mastermind" that you all know and love:

*Select colors for four different pegs, and try to guess what combination the Mastermind is thinking of based on the clues he gives you.

*Each White Clue = One of the colors you picked is right, but in the wrong spot.
*Each Black Clue = One of the colors you picked is right, and in the right spot.

Do it in ten turns or less to win the round, or play on Hard to fight a 25 second timer every turn.



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The Mastermind Game

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