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Deep Lift 2

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Deep Lift 2

Rage 3

By SnailsAnimation

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Launched October 24, 2008

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Platform, Running

Great treasure can be found hiding away deep below the surface of open sea. Concealed for centuries by vast reefs these riches lay waiting for someone to stumble upon them.

By a strange twist of fate you happen to find a map revealing the location of one such treasures. Without any second thoughts you embark on a quest to find this treasure and claim its riches for yourself.


-LEFT & RIGHT - Run, swim
-UP, or Space bar - Chose angle, jump, use propeller
-ESC - Exit level
-Q - Toggle Quality (if the game runs slow)

Use the arrow keys to move left and right.
When you’re at speed you can press space or up to initiate a jump. Adjust the direction by pressing up or space again.
Collect electricity icons to gain the power that is needed to use the propeller. Press up while in mid-air to use the propeller.
Make sure you do not run out of oxygen as it will cause carbon dioxide intoxication which kills you after a while.

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Deep Lift 2

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