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StarShine 2

The Timewaster Ultra
Power Tank

By HeroInteractive

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Launched November 03, 2008

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Animal, Chain Reaction, Girl, Kid

StarShine 2 adds many new features to the previous title including a hint/solution system, new star types, redone art and music, as well as infinite puzzles! We've also released StarShine 2: Puzzle Master (the level creator) to allow anyone to make their own puzzles and then share them with the rest of the world instantly!

In SS2, players can go through user created levels in addition to the standard game, as well as rate user created levels based on their difficulty and fun factor. As you request levels, the game will choose user created puzzles that match your skill and are well rated, providing more puzzlage than you can shake a stick at!


Note: Tutorial is provided on level 1 of the standard game.

Default settings:
Use your mouse to aim and mouse button to shoot.

Game Stats

2,566 Ratings
StarShine 2

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