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Thing Thing 2

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Thing Thing 2

Busy Burger
Thing Thing

By CrazyMonkeyGames

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Launched November 27, 2007

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Action, Shooting

It's finally done, the sequel to Thing-Thing. I read 800 some odd reviews and took just about every reasonable suggestion, and even some stuff you guys didn't ask for, and put it into Thing-Thing 2. The controls are all in game, under tutorial, and there's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started. The game has a save feature! It auto saves after every level, or you can go to the options to manage your data. Note: This game has nothing to do with the first one, it's just another game in the series.


A/D or Left/Right to Move
Mouse to Aim and Shoot
W or Up to Jump
S or Down to Run
Control to Punch

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2,349 Ratings
Thing Thing 2

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