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StormWinds The Lost Campaigns

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StormWinds The Lost Campaigns

Microbe Kombat

By HeroInteractive

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Launched February 20, 2009


We consider StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns to be a glorified expansion pack to the first popular shooter released a year ago. With 7 new campaigns, all new enemies, weapons, and more, there is plenty to keep players busy. It also explains more of the StormWinds story and sheds some light on this steampunkish universe.

Similar to StormWinds 1.5, you must defend your fortress from the oncoming enemy waves. Place turrets in locations of your choice on your fortress, creating the best defense possible to withhold even the greatest of attacks. Purchase, Repair, upgrade, and move your turrets to find the ultimate defense.


Tutorial is available on the first campaign.

Hotkeys can be reconfigured through the settings menu option. Press 'P' to pause. Game automatically saves after each level so you can easily come back later.

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StormWinds The Lost Campaigns

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