Totem Destroyer 2

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Mushroom Farm Defender
Evolution Squared
Feb 5, 2009

A new adventure has started. The totems are back, and they came in a big figure this time, over 100.
Your objective is to destroy the totems so you can get their idols from the top, you can't let the idols fall into the ground, they must land on a dark block.
Tested with Flash Player 9 r115 and Flash Player 10. If you had problems loading the game, please update your flash player.
I can't describe how cool and challenging it was to finish this project, over a semester since the first Totem Destroyer game was launched. It took a long time to do this, but it was totally worth it.
If you play everything, expect over 3 hours of gameplay.


Click the blocks to destroy them.
M: Mute music
R: Restart Level
Q: Quit to main menu

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