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Apr 16, 2009


Another Update.

Changes in v. 1.2:

Fixed total number of victory amulets in the level selector info panel (50 insteead of 60)
Changed size and position of 'return to the map' and 'restart battle' buttons to avoid pressing them accidentally
Grammatical/typo fixes
Mana pool cost is limited to 95% of max mana
Towers don't fire at invulnerable monsters anymore
Overall visuals further reduced (->less lag with dozens of traps) if number of particles is set to zero in the options panel
'Max XP earned' field added to the in-game score popup panel

Changes in v. 1.15:
fixed gem create/combine prices when having the Forge skill
fixed: after finishing the game, Beyond corruption mode was instantly available for levels without playing them in Normal mode
fixed bonus XP for guardian amulets and Gem of Eternity
level-up requirement fixed (had to be higher than the req xp, now it can be equal or higher to level up)
possibly fixed the N key not always working issue
reduced/faster trap beam vfx when the number of particles is 'none' or 'very low'
experience shrines don't give score after monters in endurance mode anymore
possibly fixed the level-relocking issue when loading a saved game
Increasing range by combining high and low grade gems is back, with decreased gain
Increasing firing speed by combining high and low grade gems is back, with decreased gain and with these limits: grade 5 and below: 100; grade 6: 120; +20 per grade above.
final level 50k xp limit is removed
levelselector stats info panel now formats the xp values ('1000000' -> '1.000.000')
fixed lost/victory/journey amulet scores

changes in v. 1.1:

Adjustments to pure gem hues - now they should be more distinguishable.
Fixed: sometimes levels remained locked after beating their prerequisite levels
Copy-paste load-save feature added, now you can transfer your game to your other computer, or make backups
Emergency saved games dump added in case the game generates any error while trying to save/load/auto-save
Added shortcut key: press Q to speed the game up to 3x / back to 1x
Fixed: selecting a monster when in gem creating mode made the game appear to be stuck in that mode
Impossible-to-get shrine burst amulets taken out
Increased bonuses for prismatic gems
Possibly fixed 'preloader gets stuck at 99%' bug (couldn't reproduce the bug, so not sure)
Possibly fixed 'gem special shrine freezes' bug
Removed the score color coding (yellow/cyan) at the in-game header, because it didn't make any sense
Fixed and tuned replenish skill modifiers
Fixed: number of targets per shot for splash gems in traps
Fixed: gem info panels said less pure/dual/prismatic bonuses than the actual values
Increased target acquiring range for bouncing shots
Amulets now show their xp values in their info panels
In the map, level info panels now show if you have found a lost amulet on them. (every level has 0 or 1 lost amulet in it)
Various text fixes
Various fixes to the last level:
-Gem of Eternity blast doesn't give score anymore
-wave angering more than 20 times per wave doesn't increase the number of monsters, only their parameters
-extremely high final level xps are reset on load
Levels show their ids, making it eaasier to refer to them when discussing strategies for example
Slightly increased splash radius for red gems
Removed range and firing speed bonus when combining a high grade gem with a much lower grade gem

changes in v. 1.02:

fixed: game ending initiated even if losing the last level
fixed: combining when not enough mana caused the dragged gem to be floating unselectably
added restart button to the defeat panel
fixed: shift + spell shotcut keys still didn't work

Changes in v.1.01:
(if you see v. 1.0 in the bottom right corner of the main menu, refresh the page)

-Creating as much gems as possible with ctrl is back
-Combining as much gems as possible with ctrl is back
-Shift + keypress works (previously shift worked only when selecting spells with the mouse)
-Towers always shoot at the closest monster to the wiztower, acquiring a new target before each shot (previously they selected their target by simply rolling through the list of monsters and stopping at the first monster found to be in range, then locked on to it until it was destroyed or run out of range)
-Decreased difficulty for some of the levels
-Disabled forcing the gem back to its initial position when dragged out of the screen. This introduced a bug, which is hopefully less annoying: if you release the gem outside the screen, the game will belive that you're still dragging it. (Flash Player 9 and 10 doesn't detect releasing the mouse when out of its area. If the folks at Adobe would fix it, the error will disappear from the game as well.)
-Speed up button info panel text fixed

Unleash your magic powers and fight your way through the wilderness to find what you have been searching for decades...
The Gem of Eternity awaits you...


Click on spell buttons to select them
Drag gems to move, throw or combine them

1-6 or B/T/C/M/W/G selects spells
P to pause

Hold shift to:
-place multiple towers/traps
-create/combine multiple gems
-throw multiple gem bombs

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