Zodiac Reactor

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Jun 25, 2009

Zodiac Reactor is a game of timing and skill, where you must capture Fire, Earth, Air, and Water particles in order to fuel an ancient device that has the power to create stars!

Timing is everything. You can only capture 1 particle at a time, and you need to sync the reactor up with the color of that particle at the precise moment. The trick is waiting until each particle reaches the target zone in the center before trying to capture it.

When all the Zodiac Signs around the reactor are filled up, out pops a new star :)

It's pretty challenging at first, but once it clicks, get ready to push your brain to its limits! Be sure to give Terminal Velocity mode a try once you've practiced a bit!

Have Fun!


--Arrow Keys:
UP - captures red particles
RIGHT - captures green particles
DOWN - captures white particles
LEFT - captures blue particles

--Space Bar: operates the shield when you need to block unwanted objects.

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