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How to Raise a Dragon

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How to Raise a Dragon

Zodiac Reactor

By GregoryWeir

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Launched June 25, 2009

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Castle, Dragon, Fire, Medieval

The dragon: a majestic and complex beast. How is it born? How does it live and die? Magus X. R. Quilliam's definitive work, "How to Raise a Dragon," describes all that is known about these great creatures.

In this game, you can choose every aspect of the life of a dragon, including its appearance, its abilities, and how it treats the humans around it. You can choose to become a wild guardian, a fiery tyrant, a necromantic scourge, and many other unique destinies.


ARROW KEYS: Move right and left.

DOWN + Z: Jump down through a supporting platform.

Z: Jump. Press again in the air to double-jump, once you're old enough. Press repeatedly to fly and hold down to glide when your wings are fully-grown. Also skips and closes journal screens.

X: Bite. Eat things to gain abilities.

C: Breathe. When you're old enough, you may gain special breath abilities.

ESCAPE: Return to the title screen.

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9,080 Ratings
How to Raise a Dragon

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