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Pirate Launch

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Pirate Launch

Warfare 1944
Rabbit Wants Cake

By TheGoatMan

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Launched June 30, 2009

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Bomb, Distance, Island, Pirate, Shark

While watching over the sea, you spot a large red X on a distant island. Treasure! Arrh!!

But watch out, the waters are infested with sharks, bombs, and other obstacles. You'll have to launch your dingy from a cannon to try to make it across the water to the island in one run!

A silly distance game, where you skid out across the water, collecting gold, upgrading your ship, and trying to reach that treasure. Yaarh!


Tutorial in-game.

Mouse aims cannon.
Click and hold to charge it's power, then release to shoot your pirate.
Use A and D or the arrow keys to keep your balance, don't hit the water at an angle.

Do flips in the air for points. Collect coins, avoid sharks and islands.


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10,868 Ratings
Pirate Launch

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