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That Hero Guy From Our Logo The Game

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That Hero Guy From Our Logo The Game

Gravitex 2
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Animal, Kid

Our Hero's arch nemesis has aimed his meteor gun at the fair city of Interactiville. Fend of the falling meteors with all the powers at our Hero's disposal.


* Make sure you get under those meteors in order to catch them.

* Powers won't work on the really big meteors, so push them away as fast as you can.

* It's easiest to just shove bigger meteors off to the side instead of the top of the screen.

* The higher you throw a meteor and the bigger it is, the more points you will get.


Controls are listed in game.

Move the mouse to control the hero and deflect falling meteors. 1, 2 and 3

active powers that have been collected. Left clicking will use the whatever power is in slot 1.

Game Stats

3,835 Ratings
That Hero Guy From Our Logo The Game

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