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Warp Shot

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Warp Shot

City Invasion
Gliding Thunder

By John

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Launched July 24, 2009

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Ball, Fire, Gravity, Quick

Requires Flash Player 10 or higher!

Warp through portals to the goal! Use your surroundings and gravity to move through gateways and beat each level by par. Aim carefully and strategically!

Version 1.1 - Fixes exploits in game, installs walkthrough link for additional help.

Version 1.0 - This version fixes an issue with some IE users not being able to play the game due to browser rendering differences in handling Flash Player.


Use the mouse to grab the orb, then hold and aim in the direction you would like the orb to go. Get to the goal at the end of each level.

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6,117 Ratings
Warp Shot

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