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Armor Games Defense

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Armor Games Defense

Cube Colossus
Swordless Ninja

By pixelshocks

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Launched September 09, 2009

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Defense, Isometric, Tower Defense

Our Armor Castle is under the invasion of monsters and it's up to you to stop them! Build towers and use items; stop them at all cost!

Featuring 18 skirmish maps, 6 unique game modes and a campaign mode.


Use mouse to play game.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

B - Bank
I - Item Shop
T - Tower Command

1 - Arrow Tower
2 - Rapid Tower
3 - Fire Tower
4 - Sniper Tower
5 - Sky Tower
6 - Ice Tower

U - Upgrade Tower
S - Sell Tower

N - Next Wave
D - Deposit Gold (0 means deposit all)
W - Withdraw Gold (0 means withdraw all)

Esc - Toggle Options (Pause/Unpause game too)

Game Stats

3,245 Ratings
Armor Games Defense

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