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Demolition City 2

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Demolition City 2

When Penguins Attack - TD
The Mold Fairy

By joeybetz

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Launched October 01, 2009

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City, Explosive, Level Editor, Online Save, Physics

Demolish buildings all over the world. Strategically place different explosives on a building or tower and take it down under the goal line. Watch out for falling debris causing too much damage to the surrounding environment.

Build custom buildings that you can share with your friends in the editor.

Art: BoMTooms.com
Programming: Joey Betz
Producer: Armor Games Inc.

* New Level Sharing Service


Use the mouse to place explosives on a building and press boom to watch them explode.

Game Hot Keys:
"r" is Reset
SPACE is Boom

Editor Hot Keys:
ENTER to test/edit
"1" - "=" to change building materials
"s" for small block
"m" for medium block
"l" for large block
DELETE to delete a selected block
"d" to duplicate a block
"," - "." to rotate a block
Arrow Keys to move a block

Game Stats

9,169 Ratings
Demolition City 2

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