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The Siege Of Theldale

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The Siege Of Theldale

The Gun Game
Guardian Rock

By Xeptic

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Launched November 03, 2009


Theldale 1523,

After suffering for years under a reign of terror by a greedy landowner and his thugs, a small settlement decides to fight for its freedom. Fend off the attacking forces to save your future.

Use your trusty bow and arrow to take down your enemies in this medieval themed tower defense game. Upgrade your weapon and unlock special attacks in order to survive. Try your best and see if you can unlock all the achievements and make it to the final face-off!


Use the mouse to aim and fire arrows.
Hit the 'q' key to change the quality of the game.
Later on in the game you'll unlock special attacks, how to operate those will be explained in-game.

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3,325 Ratings
The Siege Of Theldale

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