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I Hate Traffic

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I Hate Traffic

Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin
The Forest Temple

By John

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Launched November 19, 2009

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Car, Kissing, Level Editor, Online Save, Quick

Ah, the hustle and bustle of every day driving. Time to cause some havoc.

Challenge yourself on 20 unique levels then take on some of the user levels, or design your own on-the-fly. Each level features different goals and objectives to reach, such as reaching a target area or hurting so many cars.



Arrow Keys or WASD to move. Read the goals before pursuing the level, goals change on each level.

Movement - Arrow Keys
Move Objects - Click and Drag Object
Edit Object - Click the level then drag over the object (in the rectangle)
Delete Object - Backspace

Edit Goals - Click the "Goals" button
Test Level - Hit the "Test" button

Submit a Level - You must beat the level before you can submit it! Beat your own goals and then your level will become available to submit.

Game Stats

4,592 Ratings
I Hate Traffic

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