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Colour My Fate

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Colour My Fate

Asteroid War
Fantastic Contraption

By SilverStitch

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Launched January 04, 2010


Walk the city streets, explore the empty buildings and climb through the Underground to bring back the meaning of Christmas and reveal to the city the colour of creativity.
Once again, you must venture back to the city of Black & White, but this time to bring to the city the spirit of Christmas which has long died along with the colour of the world. Explore the vast areas of the city collecting new colours to broaden your mind and ultimately, bring back happiness to the city, as well as happiness to your love.
Move with EITHER Arrows or WASD, YOUR CHOICE~! Enjoi the powers of a new physics engine with platform climbing!
Again, interact with the mouse, BUT not all interactions are unlocked! Collect colours and expand your abilities.


W / Up: Jump
A+S / Left+Right: Run
S / Down: Crouch
Mouse: Interact

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Colour My Fate

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