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Armor Games Snowball 2008

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Armor Games Snowball 2008

The Adventures of Blob Bob
Paper Pug

By josh

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Launched January 07, 2008

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Holiday, Quick, Snow

How big can you roll your snowball? The bigger your ball, the harder it is to control! Compete to grab the World Championships or the number one spot in the online highscores.

New features include:
1. Made using a 3D game engine.
2. 2 camera angles (classic and perspective)
3. Manual break the ball if you think it is big enough for a highscore
4. The snowball can jump to avoid cabins
5. 3 different upgrades: number of jumps, snow retention and response speed

1. If the game lags or runs too slowly, change the quality setting to smooth
2. If the keyboard keys do not work, click on the screen
3. Highscores are not available if you are running the game from your hard disk after you save the swf file.


You need Flash Player Plugin or higher to play.

1. Arrow Keys, Enter and Space Bar to navigate around the game.
2. Left and Right Arrow Keys to control the snowball.
3. Up Arrow Key to jump.
4. Enter Key to force-break the snowball

If for ANY reason the keys don't work, double-click on the screen.

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6,712 Ratings
Armor Games Snowball 2008

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