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Cover Orange 2
Feb 25, 2010


Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of earth. Or be the enemies and fight for the destruction of it.


Movement: WASD / Arrow Keys / Space (to jump)
Aiming and Shooting: Mouse
Selecting Weapons: 0-9 / Q,E / Enter, Shift
Pause: P / Ctrl
View Scores: Tab

Recent Edits

  • Blunderbuss Thumbnail
    "Hits your enemies so hard, their past selves will feel it. Gives an extra credit bonus for each...
  • Flame Shotgun Thumbnail
    Flame Shotgun
    The Flame Shotgun is Human weapon in Raze. It fires 4 rounds containing multiple bullets...
  • Terminator (Raze 3) Thumbnail
    Terminator (Raze 3)
    "Go with this gun if you want to live."-Description The Terminator is the weapon from Raze 3 and...
  • Grenade Launcher (Raze 3) Thumbnail
    Grenade Launcher (Raze 3)
    "Fires bouncing grenades at a high rate of fire. Just point it in the general direction of your...
  • Zombies
    In the Raze series, the Zombies are hard-to-kill allies/enemies of the Alien Race. The "zombie...

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  • Raze 2
    Raze 2 is the second game in the Raze series and is the sequel to Raze. You play as Raze soldier...
  • Aliens
    Aliens are one of the races you can play as and fight against in Raze and Raze 2. Aliens are the...
  • Pvt. Miller Thumbnail
    Pvt. Miller
    Pvt. Miller was a human soldier of the Raze Task Force who served under the command of Sgt...
  • Railgun (Raze) Thumbnail
    Railgun (Raze)
    Railgun (Also known as Thundergun) is an Alien Long Range weapon in Raze. It will pierce through...
  • Cpt. Simmons
    Captain Simmons is an ally in the human campaign of Raze. You see him in levels: 1, 2, 9, and...
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