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Slap the Nerd

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Slap the Nerd

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Rugger Bugger

By 2Dplay

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Launched November 16, 2007

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Boy, School

Then there are the book-worm-nerds that will try and dodge slaps using a book as cover - make sure you get them before they answer. Don't slap the cool kids - remember, you're on their side. Slap a cool kid, and the penalty is great but let a nerd answer a question and you'll see your grades slipping - fast! Enjoy the nerdy slap fest and don't forget to save your nerd-slapping scores!


Use your MOUSE to move the hand and LEFT CLICK to slap. The normal nerds require only 1 slap to shut them up but the uber-nerds will need 2

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Slap the Nerd

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