Give Up, Robot

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Humaliens Battle
The Dreamerz
Aug 11, 2010

Wake up, Robot! It's time to DANCEEEEEE... Jump, grapple, and swing your way through 50 levels of puzzle-platforming disco insanity. Your only enemies are the clock and the disembodied robot voice that will celebrate your failure and curse your success. Show it who's boss through Normal mode, then tackle Hard mode's 11 punishing levels if you've got any hair left (they'll surely take care of that).


Left/Right arrow - Move

X, S, or Up arrow - Jump

Z or A - Fire your grappling hook. Release to let go.

After firing your grappling hook, the Up and Down arrows adjust your height, the Left and Right arrows adjust your swing.

To pause the game, click outside the game window. Click inside the window to un-pause.

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