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Lord of the Stars

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Lord of the Stars

SMO Arena Fighter
Picnic Panic TD

By ArmorGames

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Launched January 21, 2008

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Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting

Programmed and Designed by ArneTheTurtle

Here it is after months (has it been months?) of hard work, blood and tears. Lord of the Stars is born. Fight your way through the cursed creatures of Lord Staruman and advance your character along the way. Become a most skilled hero and end the evil doings of Staruman.

A big thank you goes to James Sadler of the band Havensole who provided us with an original and most awesome score. His music alone is reason to play this spoof of a game.


Left/Right move Left and Right
Jump using Up, Z or S Key
Attack using Space, X or D Key
(Attack can be done while standing still, moving or jumping in the air)
Enter to drink potion

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1,759 Ratings
Lord of the Stars

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